Established in May 2013, Conservation Heritage-Turambe (CHT) is a local non-governmental organization based in Musanze District, in Northern Province of Rwanda.

After six fulfilling and successful years working under the mentorship of Art of Conservation (AoC) Founder and Program Director Julie Ghrist, the local Rwandan team with leadership from Valerie Akuredusenge decided to carry on conservation and health awareness programs in Musanze District, Northern Province, Rwanda.

Let us be sustainable.
— English translation of the Kinyarwanda language "Turambe"


The name was chosen after several round table discussions where AoC team members and colleagues shared one another’s ideas.  It was very important to us that the name carry on the legacy of our beloved mentor Julie Ghrist and it is our goal to continue the significant and impactful AoC work that is seen in Rwanda today.  After following the Art of Conservation “Code of Conduct” and principles, we understand the significance of sharing, learning and continuing important and inspiring work that has so evidently affected our community and country.  Art of Conservation’s work deserves to be perpetuated through our local organization.  We owe it to our community and ourselves since we love the work we do!